If you encounter the message "Amazon Verification Error", this means Amazon requested verification for a new IP address with an email verification code.

As an alternative to email verification, we highly recommend to set up two step (2FA) verification in Arbiship instead. This will remove the need for an email code.
Read more about 2FA here.


 How to set up Gmail verification:

If you do not have a Gmail account for Amazon or if you don't want to connect to your personal Gmail, you can easily change your Amazon email from your Amazon.com settings, under "Login & Security". 

For Arbiship to read the code from your mailbox you need to allow Arbiship access to the same Gmail account used in your Amazon account, you can do this from the Amazon settings page:


Click on the Gmail connection button located on the right side of the screen.

Connect to Gmail

After pressing the button you will be asked to give permission to the system to read Amazon related emails.

Okay, I logged into Gmail, what now?

Great! Now all you have to do is restart the automatic orders from the eBay settings page:


At the bottom of the page, select
Enable Auto Ordering

You can now return to the sales screen, please be patient as the changes can take take time to update. After you have re-enable automatic ordering your recent orders will soon begin to process.

Sometimes Amazon may ask for a phone number instead of an email code. Make sure you aren't getting codes to your phone, and remove your phone number from your Amazon accounts "Login & Security" settings as outlined below.

Step 3: Delete your "Mobile Phone Number".

As an alternative to email verification, we recommend to set up two step (2FA) verification in Arbiship. Read more about 2FA here.

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