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Amazon Two Factor (2FA) Authentication

How to set up two step verification in Amazon and Arbiship.

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Pro tip: When logging in to Amazon check the box "Remember me on this device" and you will not be asked again to enter the code.

You must add two step verification for Amazon by using Google Authenticator, this will secure your account from unauthorized access and also allow Arbiship to login.


If you have already added 2FA to your Amazon account before using it with Arbiship, you must disable 2FA and then re-enable it. You can disable 2FA by clicking on the "disable" button in the Amazon Two-Step Verification Settings in the next steps below.

1. Navigate to "Login & Security" in your Amazon account settings.

2. Click "Edit" in the section  'Advanced Security Settings' or 'Two-Step Verification Settings'.

3. Click 'Get Started'.

4. Do not choose phone number. Select "Authenticator App".

5. Click "Can't Scan Barcode".

6. Copy all the letters and numbers (the Google Authenticator key).

7. Paste the Google Authenticator key in your Arbiship Amazon settings.
Then scroll down and click "Update".

8. Important! You haven't finished setting up Authenticator yet. Download Google Authenticator on you phone - Android or iPhone. If you don't have a phone you can also try a Chrome extension

Open the Google Authenticator app on your phone and click the little plus '+' symbol. Follow the app instructions and scan the QR code on Amazon.

9. Enter the 6-digit code shown on your phone into the field shown below and click "Verify code and continue".

  10. Enter a back up phone number and save. 

You're done! Arbiship will now use the 2FA code to securely login to your Amazon account. 

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