Forward your Amazon shipment emails to and they will be automatically uploaded to eBay every hour. Amazon logistics tracking numbers are also converted to Bluecare for free, allowing them to be trackable via eBay.

This will only filter Amazon shipment emails. It will not forward other types of emails. Emails should be forwarded from the same email account you use on Amazon.

This short guide will help you set up a forwarding and filter rule for Gmail

Gmail Forwarding Steps 

  1. Click here for Gmail settings, then add as a forwarding address.

2. Within 2 minutes you will receive an email containing the verification code. Enter the code in Gmail settings as shown in the below image. Click Verify.

3. Set up a filter to forward the emails. From your Gmail account click the down arrow in the search bar.

You should now see a filter input.

  • In the From input enter: amazon    

  • In the Subject input enter: shipped

  • Click Create filter.

Note: If you are using a United Kingdom or a Germany Amazon account, you may need to enter "dispatched" instead of "shipped" as the subject.

4.  Click the checkbox Forward it to, select, then click Create filter again.

You're done! Forwarded shipment emails will be scanned every hour and uploaded to eBay. 

If you are using an email client other than Gmail, look for your emails help info regarding forwarding or contact support for assistance.

Hotmail Forwarding
Yahoo Forwarding

To pull tracking info from multiple Amazon accounts, you need to add those Amazon accounts in Arbiship settings.

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