Automate your success and avoid Amazon prime restrictions! We give you the option to fulfill your orders automatically with our managed Amazon account service, saving you time and effort while giving you peace of mind.

The Fulfilled by Arbiship Service automatically processes your orders without needing an Amazon account. This means you no longer need to handle orders, cancellations, returns, or the fear of having your source account restricted. You can also use your personal account in combination with our managed accounts at the same time, similar to a backup service.

After loading balance into your Arbiship account it will be displayed at the top of your Sales page, and we will fulfill the orders from our Amazon accounts using your pre-loaded balance. This includes automatically placing the order, updating the tracking info, and processing any returns or cancellations. Everything else works as normal with no interruptions in service and you still have control over managing your orders.

Managed accounts currently supports Amazon USA and has the following features:

  • The service is free, not including the cost of orders. We do not deduct any fees for loading balance into your account. What we receive is what you receive.

  • Balance can be loaded via transfer (US customers, very small flat fees of $0.50-$4.00 per transfer) or Payoneer (customers outside USA, 0% fee). You can also use Wise outside the USA, but currency conversion fees may apply.

  • USA Tax exemption and fastest prime shipping method.

  • No need to use your Amazon account.

  • Free automatic tracking number updates.

  • Bluecare Express BCE Conversion.

  • Higher priority support, including easy automated returns and automatic refunding of balance.

  • Reporting and auditing log delivered via email and in-App.

  • Reliable automatic ordering, everything else works exactly the same as in the normal Arbiship.

  • High volume & long term users will receive a dedicated account manager, and may request custom features or settings.

How to activate managed accounts:

Due to high demand and our commitment to quality, please send us a support message to activate the managed accounts service. We would love to talk to you about it and answer any questions you have. We promise we'll be nice!

Please contact support to set up managed accounts.

How much does it cost to load balance?

There are currently two ways to load balance:

  1. Wise transfer (USA preferred) - When you load a balance via Wise USA transfer they charge a small flat $0.5 - $4 fee. This means they will charge $0.51 if you use the ACH method or $4.14 if you use the Wire method, regardless of amount sent. You can read more about Wise borderless transfers here. If you send in a currency other than USD, additional fees may apply.

  2. Payoneer (outside the USA preferred) - No fees for transferring money via Payoneer, however this is not available for US clients. 0% fee.

How do I send balance using Wise or Payoneer?

This guide explains the process for setting up a Wise account:

This guide explains the process for setting up a Payoneer account:

After you have registered and verified with Wise or Payoneer please send us a message to start the first transfer.

Balance Refunds

You may request a refund of available balance at any time, minus bank transfer fees. After a quick verification of your identity we will transfer the money back to you. Refunds can only be provided to the same individual or business that sent the original payment.

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