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Written Guide - Getting Started

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1. Managing orders

Arbiship will automatically purchase orders that are in 'Awaiting Shipment' status on eBay. It may take up to 10 minutes for new orders to show in the Sales Page after you configure your Amazon purchasing settings. If an order is not in the 'Awaiting Shipment' page on eBay then it will not be loaded into the sales page.

Orders will only be loaded into the Sales Page after you fill in the eBay and Amazon settings pages.

The system works in 'order cycles'. This means any action you do in Arbiship will have a short delay and will take effect in the next order cycle. For example, if the system is busy processing 5 of your orders, and then you retry a failed order, that order will only start processing after the previous 5 have finished. This ordering process is fast enough for even the largest volume sellers while being reliable.

There are 2 different ways to exclude a sale from Arbiship:

  1. You can mark the order as shipped via your eBay account.

  2. You can Exclude the order from the Sales Page.

Anything that was marked as 'Shipped' in eBay will not be ordered by Arbiship.

Exclude or Force orders by hovering over the Status column in the Sales Page.

Errors are automatically detected and will be ignored until you click on retry or force. There are multiple fail-safes in place to ensure that every order matches the buyer details. If there is any problem during the order process, Arbiship will see it and return a screenshot of the error. Screenshots can be viewed from the Sales Page, the Log Page, or from email notifications.

If you manually mark an error as shipped in eBay, its status in Arbiship will change to 'Fulfilled Externally'. Tracking numbers are free for all orders, including external orders.

You can retry orders and fix address errors from the Log Page, or you can 'Force' errors directly from the Sales Page by hovering over the Status column. Despite the name, Force doesn't actually force anything for safety reasons. Force is a soft retry, it will not override any order logic, profit protections, or cancellation requests.

You can use the Filter & Search to sort orders in the Sales Page.

Shipped: A tracking number was added for the order.
Success: The order was purchased on Amazon or was marked shipped in eBay.
Error: The order was not successful, view the error screenshot for details.
No Record: Automatic ordering is disabled or the ASIN could not be detected.
Processing: The order is currently being placed.
Cancelled: A buyer requested a cancellation or the order was cancelled by the seller. This order won't be placed.

2. Settings up payment methods

Choose to pay for orders with gift cards or credit cards.

Gift Card

For purchasing with Amazon gift cards you must upload gift cards into your Amazon wallet.

Credit Card

Amazon requires the 16 card numbers, for extra security we do not require the CVV or expiration date. This means your debit or credit card must be pre-loaded into your Amazon wallet with the correct billing address added onto the card.

3. Tracking upload

There is no charge for tracking upload, and tracking numbers are automatically uploaded for all orders. This includes orders placed outside of Arbiship or on multiple Amazon accounts. You will need to set up email forwarding to use this feature.

4. Amazon billing

Arbiship automatically cleans your address book, please set your billing address as the default address in your Amazon address settings.

If you have a credit card on the Amazon account, please make sure that your billing address for the card is correct, and that your billing details match exactly in Arbiship settings.

5. Multiple eBay accounts

You can easily switch between multiple Arbiship & eBay accounts by linking them with the plus '+' icon in the top left of the Arbiship web app.

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