Automatic Ordering

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The Arbiship automatic ordering system has been carefully developed over several years and has been reliably tested on millions of real eBay orders. The system is monitored daily and designed to be robust. A significant amount of redundancies and fail safes are in place to ensure every order is correct, even if Amazon changes buttons or text on their site.

Upon detecting a new order the system will launch your own personal AO server, which is assigned a unique & never before used IP address. This IP address is only used for your ordering account account. We never re-use or duplicate IP addresses.

Your account is checked every 5 minutes for new orders & changes. Arbiship will intercept a cancellation request if it is detected before placing an order.

 Some of Arbiship's automatic ordering features:

  • Managed Accounts - The Fulfilled by Arbiship Service gives you the option to place Amazon orders without needing your own Amazon account.

  • AMZL Tracking Mask - Get top rated plus by converting Amazon logistics numbers to be fully tracked via Bluecare.

  • Business & Prime - All features work on both types of Amazon accounts.

  • Multiple eBay accounts - Click the + in the top left of the app to add multiple eBay and Arbiship accounts, and easily switch between them.

  • Multiple Amazon accounts - You can add up to 10 Amazon accounts for free, and automatically rotate between them based on your specifications.

  • Same Amazon account on multiple eBay accounts - You can use the same single Amazon account on multiple eBay accounts. Arbiship will balance multiple accounts automatically.

  • Accurate profit calculation - The final value fee is automatically taken from eBay. 100% accurate profit is calculated even for manually purchased orders.

  • Auto tax savings - Prioritize items sold by FBA sellers over items sold by Amazon to save tax. For example: If item #1 costs $100 +tax, item #2 costs $101, and your buyers state charges 6% tax: Arbiship will choose item #2 to save you 5 dollars. If your buyers state doesn't charge tax, Arbiship will choose item #1.

  • Profit protection - The system will automatically calculate the cost of items including tax, and will not place an order if the profit is below your minimum profit.

  • Hide prices - Mark orders as gifts. Leave a gift message, or leave the message blank.

  • Mark Items Shipped - Automatically mark eBay orders as shipped after purchase, or wait until the tracking number is uploaded.

  • Error Screenshots & Error Notifications - If Arbiship can not fulfill an order, you will be sent an email with a PDF screenshot of the last order page and failure reason. You can also view the screenshot & error reason from the Sales Page or the Log Page. You can change address errors from the Log Page.

  • Auto coupons - Coupons are automatically detected on Amazon and applied to your orders. 

  • Global shipping program or international forwarding - GSP items are automatically processed. You can also choose to forward items internationally with HipShipper.

  • 3rd Party Delivery + Shipping Time + Feedback Filtering: Enables processing orders from 3rd party sellers while comparing the Amazon delivery time to the estimated eBay delivery time of your listing. Use feedback filtering to select only reliable sellers.

  • Credit card payment - Pay for orders with credit/debit cards. 

  • Gift card payment - Pay for orders with gift cards.

  • Bank transfer - Pay for orders using the Fulfilled by Arbiship Service.

Tracking upload is 100% free, including manual orders. AMZL tracking numbers are masked as Bluecare and fully trackable in eBay.

  • By using both name matching and order ID recording, tracking numbers are still uploaded for orders even when they are placed outside of Arbiship.

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