Automatic Ordering

The Arbiship automatic ordering system has been carefully developed over a period of two years and has been tested on millions of real eBay orders.

Upon detecting a new order the system will launch your own personal AO server, which is assigned a unique & never before used IP address. This IP address is only used for your Amazon or Walmart account. We never re-use or duplicate IP addresses.

Your account is checked every 10 minutes for new orders & changes. This allows Arbiship to intercept most cancellation requests.

 Some of Arbiship's automatic ordering features:

  • Business & Prime - All features work on both types of Amazon accounts.
  • Multiple accounts - Click the + in the top left of the app to use multiple eBay and Arbiship accounts at the same time, and easily switch between them.
  • Order Bundling & Add-on items - Order bundling will send multiple orders at the same time to multiple addresses. This allows you to sell add-on items. When bundling is enabled, Arbiship will wait until the cost of the Amazon items reaches your set bundle threshold. For example: If the bundle threshold is $25, Arbiship will wait until you have $25 worth of items before placing an order.
  • Auto tax savings - Prioritize items sold by FBA sellers over items sold by Amazon to save tax. For example: If item #1 costs $100 +tax, item #2 costs $101, and your buyers state charges 6% tax: Arbiship will choose item #2 to save you 5 dollars. If your buyers state doesn't charge tax, Arbiship will choose item #1.
  • Profit protection - The system will automatically calculate the cost of items including tax, and will not place an order if the profit is below your minimum profit.
  • Hide prices - Mark orders as gifts. Leave a gift message, or leave the message blank.
  • Mark Items Shipped - Automatically mark eBay orders as shipped after purchase, or wait until the tracking number is uploaded.
  • Cashback - Automatically get cashback for Amazon purchases.
  • Error Screenshots & Error Notifications - If Arbiship can not fulfill an order, you will be sent an email with a PDF screenshot of the last order page and failure reason. You can also view the screenshot & error reason from the Sales Page or the Log Page. You can change address errors from the Log Page.
  • Auto coupons - Coupons are automatically detected on Amazon and applied to your orders. 
  • Global shipping program or international forwarding - GSP items are automatically processed. You can also choose to forward items internationally with HipShipper.
  • 3rd Party Delivery + Shipping Time + Feedback Filtering: Enables processing orders from 3rd party sellers while comparing the Amazon delivery time to the estimated eBay delivery time of your listing. Use feedback filtering to select only reliable sellers.
  • Credit card payment - Pay for orders with credit/debit cards. 
  • Gift card payment - Pay for orders with gift cards.
  • Combined CC & GC payment - When credit card payment is enabled, the system will use your gift balance first.
  • Secondary Amazon account - Automatically place quantity errors on a second Amazon account. 

Tracking upload is 100% free, including manual orders. Arbiship uploads tracking numbers using two methods:

  • The 1st tracking method uses a Gmail API connection, and will update tracking numbers every 30 minutes. You can add up to two Gmail accounts.
  • The 2nd method will update tracking numbers 3 times per day directly from Amazon.
  • Both methods are automatically used for a high tracking upload rate.
  • Arbiship will also calculate the cost & profit of manually placed orders after uploading each tracking number.
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